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Teachers who came out to the streets “I’m lucky to be alive… Please protect teachers’ human rights”

It may look like a sigh of exhaustion to others, but

I know it.

I can’t understand the depth of your sighs that I had a day where it’s hard to even let out a small sigh, but it’s

okay, I’ll hug you .

In the wake of the death of a teacher at Seoi Elementary School, teachers across the country held rallies calling for an investigation into the truth and measures to establish teacher authority. On this day, the assembly was held from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm in a way that individual teachers voluntarily gathered without a special organizer.

Before the start of the rally, teachers in black gathered at the entrance of Jonggak Subway Station like a wave. The teachers said, “Order and safety are the top priority,” and sat down one after another in an empty seat on the sidewalk in front of Bosingak. After the first part of the rally, Lee Hi’s ‘Sigh’ was played as a memorial song, and the teachers sang along and wiped away tears.

Even when the daytime temperature rose to 32 degrees Celsius and it rained in the middle of the rally, the teachers held their seats with umbrellas. Teachers patted each other, saying, ‘It’s hot,’ ‘Take care of your water,’ and ‘Cheer up your emotions and inform the safety officer or the police if you feel unwell.’ Initially, the number of participants in the rally reported to the police was 200, but an assembly official said that they estimated that 5,000 people participated.

At the first part of the rally held for the purpose of commemoration, the teachers shouted with their mouths the slogan, “We urge you to find out the truth, guarantee teachers’ right to live, guarantee teachers’ right to education, guarantee teachers’ human rights, and achieve the protection of teaching rights.” Applause erupted from all directions after each chant. The presenter, who was shouting slogans, was unable to speak as she shed tears.

At the first part of the rally, teachers who took the stage and spoke freely said, ‘Seo I-cho’s death is unlike anyone else’s. Infringement of teaching rights that occurs in schools is not a special occurrence in any one place, but a daily occurrence. Teachers appealed that although violations of teaching rights are widespread, there is no institutional safety net to protect teachers, and that the only way to overcome the situation is to rely on individuals. He said that he had no choice but to hope that he would meet a good administrator or meet good parents that year and spend the year safely. On this day, the teachers swallowed their tears, saying, “I am lucky to be alive now.”

Mr. A, a first-year teacher working in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, took the stage for free speech and began to speak, saying, “As a teacher, as a colleague, and as a fellow human being, I am standing here with a heartbroken heart over this incident.” He said, “Complaints without even trying, words or actions that insult teachers, physical and mental violence. Violations like this happen all the time,” he said. “A lot of people say,” he said. ‘As expected, children should grow up while being beaten’. Every time I say, ‘It’s good that the corporal punishment is gone’. Violence cannot be justified for any reason. How can we do violence to our children when we teach them that? However, teachers are not protected for the reason of student human rights. Aren’t you trembling in fear helplessly hoping that this moment will pass? Is this reality of having to buy an insurance product for infringement of teacher rights normal? Please protect the human rights of teachers. Please help teachers not to lose their dreams, their health and their lives.”

Mr. B, an incumbent teacher who has been working in Seoul for 9 years, also made a free speech and said, “I also had the experience of taking sick leave and changing the homeroom teacher last year as a first-year homeroom teacher, suffering from malicious complaints메이저사이트. In addition to parental complaints, a system that cannot impose any sanctions on students who hit their friends and disrupt class. A situation in which an appeal close to pleading must be made to the student. sorry for the many children. Worries and frustrations about appearing incompetent to colleagues. I felt worried or anxious that I might be caught for my remarks.” “Still, I went to the emergency room at dawn and went to work all night because of my responsibility for the children who sent me small notes saying, ‘Teacher, don’t be sick,’ ‘We’ll do well,’ and ‘Cheer up. This is not a minority experience, but a reality that all teachers in the field face every day. Now it is serious enough to be called a crisis of public education.” As the remarks continued, the teachers swallowed their tears.

Mr. C, a 17-year-old elementary school teacher in the Seoul area who participated in the rally, said, “Everyone has experienced big and small things, and seeing the teacher’s death, I think I am lucky to be alive.” He explained the reason for attending the rally, saying, “Everyone has thought about this before, but there was no suitable place to express their opinions, and it will be an opportunity to voice their voices that they have been holding back.”

Mr. D, a 9-year elementary school teacher working in Seoul, said, “There is no institutional safety net for teachers. It is better if you meet a good administrator, and it seems that you are really borrowing human power, human power,” he urged, “We need to prepare practical measures at the educational level.”


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