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“Ten Hagh, please be ruthless”… Request for sword dance by 5 people who were responsible for the catastrophe

“If Ten Hag is truly ruthless, now we have to show it.”

British media ‘Manchester Evening News’ asked coach Eric ten Hag on the 21st (Korean time) to continue the lesson of the Seville disaster with a sword dance. It means to try a massive release.

Manchester United collapsed. In the away game of the 2022-23 European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League quarterfinal second leg against Seville, it lost 0-3. In a situation where they needed to win the first game at home by drawing 2-2, they packed their bags without showing much resistance.

A mistake was the cause. Manchester United ended in a draw in the first leg as they conceded an own goal in a game that could have ended in a 2-0 victory. On this day, all three goals were no different from mistakes. The goal was dedicated in a variety of ways, such as judgment, pass miss, and poor ball handling.

Disasters have causes. It is argued that players who have shown sluggish appearance by pouring cold water on them should now be kicked out. Manchester Evening News also said, “The defeat against Sevilla is the reason coach Ten Hag must be ruthless.”

The media called for the release of five people. Harry Maguire, who performed a horror show in the back, is number one. The media evaluated, “The score, which was 2-0 without Maguire, changed to 0-5 with Maguire coming in. Maguire was very serious, not only for his own goal, but also for conceding the ball under pressure.”

Goalkeeper David de Gea also has a significant loss ratio. Looking at the first run on the day when Maguire surrendered ownership, Gea’s misjudgement was bigger when he passed in a situation where it was obvious that he would be pressured. The third goal was also an amateurish scene in which the goal was emptied and not handled properly.

Nevertheless,먹튀검증 Manchester United is pushing for a long-term renewal with De Gea. Regarding this, he emphasized reconsideration of the contract renewal with this defeat as an opportunity, saying, “Trying to tie De Gea shows complacency. It is a judgment that can weaken the ruthlessness of manager Ten Haag.

In addition to Maguire and De Gea, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Jadon Sancho and Anthony Martial were also criticized. The media raised their voices, saying, “Sancho was erased throughout the game, and Martial cried again with an injury. In this situation, there will be no place for anyone in the squad next season.”


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