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‘The first Korean representative’ Edmund, if you know it, a baseball family where three siblings worked for MLB

Tommy Edman (St. Louis), Korea’s first major leaguer national representative, expressed his anticipation for the WBC (World Baseball Classic). He said that he hoped his Japanese wife would not support his teammate Ras Nuthba, who decided to join the Japanese national team, and that his family would cheer for Korea’s first round match at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

Tommy met with reporters at a club event on the 15th (Korean time) and said, “I am proud of the fact that I became the first Korean-American national representative as I have not had a chance to play for Korea until now.” I started practicing Korean with a language learning app.”

He was excitedly waiting for the WBC Round 1 trip to Japan with his family. “My mother, grandmother, younger brother, wife and father-in-law are going to Japan together,” Tommy said. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

Tommy’s family is a family with a love for baseball. 스포츠토토 His father, John Edman, was a baseball player until college, and his older brother, Johnny Edman, is also a former baseball player and frontman for a major league club. His younger brother, Ellis Edman, worked briefly with the St. Louis Cardinals as a player and staff member. His mother, Maureen Edman (Kyung-Ah Kwak), was an avid baseball fan from Southern California.

In 2020, introduced the anecdote of the Edmon family united by the common denominator of baseball. According to reports, his father, John, played baseball until college, but did not neglect his studies. He majored in economics and mathematics and earned a master’s degree in statistics while working as a baseball coach. Naturally, the three siblings also grew up with baseball.

In an interview with the New York Times in February of last year, Maureen said, “If I hadn’t loved baseball as much as my husband, this marriage would never have worked out.”

The Edmons have built careers that look alike, as if they inherited genes for math and athletics. The eldest son, Johnny, majored in applied mathematics and joined the Minnesota Twins’ R&D department. Second, Tommy was a 6th round draft pick by the St. Louis Cardinals while studying mathematics at Stanford University. Her youngest child, Ellis, attended computer science and she played volleyball before landing a job as a systems engineer in St. Louis. Now she has left baseball and moved on to other jobs.

In fact, Tommy also said that if he hadn’t become a baseball player, he would have thought of taking advantage of his major and getting a job at the club front. “They all grew up on the field,” said her mother, Maureen. “It just feels natural for them to work in baseball.”


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