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‘The Great Marriage of All Time’ Group A 5 teams tied → ‘Cuba-Italy Quarterfinals’

A great marriage took place in Group A of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC). With all five teams tied at 2-2, Cuba and Italy advanced to the quarterfinals.

The 5 teams in Group A played 4 games each until the 12th, and all 5 teams recorded a 2-2 tie. As a result, the minimum loss rate was calculated.

It was the fiercest fight in WBC history.안전놀이터 As a result, Cuba and Italy finished 1st and 2nd in the group and advanced to the quarterfinals. The home team, Taiwan, was in last place.

Cuba, who took first place in Group A, lost to the Netherlands and Italy in quick succession at the beginning of the first round and was driven to the edge of the cliff, but advanced to the quarterfinals by beating Panama and Taiwan in quick succession.

Cuba defeated Taiwan 7-1 on the 12th, and Italy also defeated the Netherlands 7-1 on the same day. The two teams that won on the last day advanced to the quarterfinals.

In this tournament, if a team is tied in the first round, the ranking is determined in the order of winner, win, minimum run rate, minimum earned run rate, and team batting average.

As many as 5 teams tied with 2 wins and 2 losses, the winner’s victory became meaningless. Therefore, the ranking was determined by the minimum run rate divided by the total number of outs.

Cuba topped the list with a minimum run rate of 0.139, followed by Italy with 0.157. The Netherlands (0.186) ranked third, Panama (0.200) fourth, and Taiwan (0.295) fifth.

If Korea advances to the quarterfinals based on the minimum run rate, it will compete with Cuba, who took first place in Group A, for the semifinals.

In addition, Italy, which finished second in Group A, defeated Australia on the same day and faced Japan, who secured Group B first place with a 4-game win, in the quarterfinals.


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