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The ‘humiliation’ of Shine Muscat, which I couldn’t buy because it was expensive, now it’s cheaper than apples and pears… The reason is ‘this’

As the prices of apples and pears rise significantly ahead of Chuseok, Shine Muscat, which was synonymous with ‘premium flex’ fruits, has become 메이저사이트a relatively ‘cheap fruit’. While the prices of apples and pears rose due to poor harvests, the price of Shine Muscat fell due to an increase in the number of growers. According to Teran, a forecasting system that calculates the Farm Air/Korea Economic Agricultural Product Price Index (KAPI) on the 8th, the prices of cabbage, radish, apples, pears, onions, garlic, and potatoes, which are agricultural products, among the 20 most popular Chuseok products designated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

, are It was calculated that the price had fallen compared to a year ago. As of the previous day, domestic cabbage was traded at 739 won per kg in the wholesale market, down 57.2% from the previous year, and radish also fell 60.7% to 487 won per kg. Garlic ( -27.1 %), onions ( -12.9 %), and potatoes (0.2%) are also cheaper or maintained at similar levels compared to last year.

However, among the sacred products, apples and pears, which are fruits, rose significantly. Although the price of apples fell compared to last week, they were still traded at a 44.8% higher price in the wholesale market than last year. This is because the night temperatures in the spring were lower than normal, so flowers did not bloom properly, and anthracnose spread in the summer due to repeated heat waves and heavy rain.

Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corporation ( aTAccording to ), Hongro apples, which are usually served on the ancestral rite table, are sold for 2,904 won each in the retail market. The number of ships reported is similar to last year, with the price of the top product being around 2,768 won per piece. If you pile 4 pears and 4 apples on a ceremonial table, it will cost over 20,000 won.

On the other hand, prices of Shine Muscat, Melon, and Apple Mango, which were considered expensive fruits, fell. This is because the number of Shine Muscat farmers has increased significantly over the past year and this year, and the market price has fallen. The average September price of Shine Muscat in Garak Market continues to fall from 27,127 won in 2020 to 19,492 won this year (average from September 1 to 4). As of the previous day, wholesaler sales prices had fallen 27.5% compared to a month ago.


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