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The long-awaited Ko Seung-beom returns… Will the absence of Suwon’s homework ‘Trailer’ be resolved?

 The long-awaited Ko Seung-beom (28) returns to Suwon Samsung.

Koh Seung-beom was the core of Suwon’s midfield until the 2020 season and the beginning of the 2021 season. Not only his activity level and play that did not buy his body, but also the development of the attack made a big contribution. In particular, he was indispensable for Suwon’s effective counterattack at the time. Ko Seung-beom played the role of a ‘trailer’ perfectly when counterattacking with Jung Sang-bin (Grasshopper) and Kim Min-woo 토토사이트 (Chengdu Rongcheng).

However, after Ko Seung-beom left, Suwon suffered ups and downs. Ko Seung-beom headed to Gimcheon Sangmu in June last year for his military service. I didn’t know when he was there, but when Ko Seung-beom was missing, Suwon was in trouble with the midfielder. Suwon’s unique concise and efficient counterattack has disappeared. In the final round of the 2021 season, he did not win a win. And last season, it was sluggish from the beginning, and eventually finished the regular league in 10th place and suffered the pain of stepping on the stage of the promotion playoff (PO) for the first time.

Even after that, I felt the vacancy of Ko Seung-beom was bigger than I thought. Han Seok-jong, Sarichi, Lee Jong-seong, etc. tried to fill the vacancy of Ko Seung-beom, but they fell short by 2%. It wasn’t bad in terms of his defense, but he left some regrets in the development and transition of the attack. Suwon showed strength in set-pieces in the second half with Ahn Byeong-jun, Oh Hyun-kyu and Ko Myeong-seok, etc. rather than playing soccer through midfield. It launched a rather simple attack, but left a question mark in variety and efficiency.

Ko Seung-beom is discharged on the 20th and returns to Suwon. You can be with the team from field training. First of all, Suwon has outstanding frontline strikers such as Oh Hyun-kyu and Ahn Byung-jun. In particular, Oh Hyun-gyu is a striker who is effective in counterattacks as well as in the air. Here, Suwon brought in Kim Kyung-jung and Akosti, a side striker, in the transfer market. As long as the two receive the ball, they are a resource that can sufficiently attack the opponent’s defense through speed or one-on-one breakthrough. Suwon, who lacked the ability to pull the ball out of the defensive camp, was able to relieve a great deal of trouble with Koh Seung-beom joining.