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“The nicest kid I know”… ‘Shillim-dong Hiking Trail Murder’ Disaster Elementary School Teacher

“He was a responsible and good-natured person who would do the dirty work that others did not want to do.”

On the 17th, as a victim of a sexual assault on a mountain trail in Sillim-dong, Seoul, the bereaved family and acquaintances who knew the elementary school teacher A who died while receiving treatment in an intensive care unit regretted becoming a victim of ‘mad violence’ while recalling his kind and benevolent personality. Even though Mr. A is on vacation, he is known to have suffered an accident on his way to school.

According to the stories of the bereaved family and acquaintances on the 20th, Mr. A was on his way to work on the hiking trail he used often for training scheduled on the 17th at 2:00 pm on the 17th when the incident occurred.

The school where Mr. A works is located about 1 km메이저사이트 in a straight line from the hill where the incident occurred. Acquaintances said that the ecological park Dulle-gil, connected by a mountain and a hiking trail, is a place where students from nearby schools often visit for experiential learning.

Mr. A was in charge of planning and operating a five-day teaching staff training using his vacation period. It is said that the day was the second day of training.

People who knew him about Mr. A, who had been a teacher for about 10 years, said in unison that he had a ‘strong sense of responsibility and a good personality who first took on the dirty work inside and outside the school’.

University classmate Kim Mo said, “I’m a sincere friend, so even if I started work at 8:30 in the morning, I always went an hour earlier.”

Mr. A’s older brother said, “He’s a kid who wants to do a job that others don’t want to do. He hasn’t opened his hands on a house since he was 20. He said he would be able to buy a house in Seoul next year without spending extra money.” I cried.

A’s cousin also shed tears, saying, “She was the nicest child I’ve ever known. She didn’t say anything bad and did the hard work.”

Hyeon-mo (49), a member of the same club, was speechless, saying, “When she was quarantined due to corona, she secretly brought me a lunch box and said she felt sorry for that too, and she sent me a gift coupon.” Mo Yoon (47), who shares her club activities, recalled, “When we had a competition, we planned it in advance, even made presentation materials, and took the lead.”

In front of Mr. A’s mortuary prepared at the funeral hall of a university hospital in Seoul, where he was treated for three days, a wreath of condolences sent by his university classmates was placed.

On the other hand, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Superintendent Cho Hee-yeon, who visited the morgue the day before, said after condolences, “Listening to the bereaved family, it seems that it falls under an official disaster to some extent.” said.


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