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The youngest members of Gimpo Gujeonghoe basketball class who played their first game, “You’re not a baby anymore”

The youngest members of the Gimpo Gujeonghoe Basketball Class played their first basketball game that they will never forget. 

Assist For You (Assist For Youth) project, which is underway for the development of youth basketball in Korea from 2022. The Gimpo Gujeonghoe Basketball Class 2nd year team, which is working on this project together, experienced a formal basketball game for the first time after its formation.

Gimpo Gujeonghoe Basketball Class is a representative basketball class in Gimpo where various age groups from elementary school to adult learn basketball. The Gimpo Gujeonghoe Basketball Class, led by Director Gujeonghoe, who serves as the president of the Gimpo City Basketball Association, also plays a role as a love room for parents of Gimpo City through active activities. 

At the beginning of this year, a sophomore team was formed in the Gimpo Gujeonghoe basketball class. The 2nd grade team of the Gujeonghoe Basketball Class in Gimpo, who started learning basketball seriously by bouncing a basketball bigger than their own body, is also a precious bond made by Corona 19. 안전놀이터

After Corona 19, the mothers who were anxious because there was no space for their children to play freely came together and made a earnest request to the director of Gu Jeong-hoe to use the Gimpo Gu Jeong-hoe basketball class gymnasium. readily opened the gym. 

Because of that relationship, the 2nd graders who enrolled as Gimpo Gujeonghoe basketball class students in earnest last year when the children entered elementary school have been taking classes as a team since the beginning of this year, saying they will learn basketball seriously. 

On the 25th, the 2nd year team of the Gujeonghoe Basketball Class in Gimpo, who are getting closer to basketball from the smallest details such as the rules and basic movements of basketball, played their first thrilling basketball game. The opponent was Bucheon Hype Basketball Class. In the Gimpo Gujeonghoe basketball class, Hajun Kang, Jeongwoo Seo, Jeongwoo Park, Hyeonjoong Hwang, Yoonseop Kim, Soogyeom Kim, Dongmin Choi, Chanho Joo, Ian Park, and Hajun Noh came out.

The Gimpo Gujeonghoe Basketball Class 2nd year team, who played the first basketball game that will be remembered for the rest of their lives, showed great spirit. From the first quarter, he played hard enough to not show that he was a beginner. 

The results were also good. Hajun Kang scored 4 points and finished the first quarter with a score of 8-8 at Gimpo Gujeonghoe Basketball Class. However, the difference in experience was revealed from the second quarter. The opponent, Bucheon Hype Basketball Class, even though they were in the same second grade, had a lot of experience in competitions. 

The Gimpo Gujeonghoe basketball class, which pursued hard until the end, changed the atmosphere in the third quarter, but unfortunately lost 11-22. 

Gimpo Gujeonghoe Basketball Class 2nd graders, who played their first official basketball game since birth, gathered together after the game and enjoyed looking back on their first basketball game. 

“It was a practice game, but it was the first official basketball game for our children. That alone seems to have been a very meaningful time. Last year, they were ‘babies’ who only jumped rope or hula hoops at the gym, but this year, they are learning basketball in earnest. They begged me to do it, but now I have grown up enough to play against other teams. 

Director Koo, who said that he was more heartbroken because it was a relationship made during the COVID-19 period, when everyone was having a hard time, said, “The second graders did not come to our basketball class to learn basketball, but they needed a place to play. It’s amazing. I started teaching the basics such as dribbling and defense in March of this year. I was very worried about the children before this game, but when I saw them running, it seemed like they were playing basketball, so they laughed,” praising the second-year children’s first game. did. 

After the game, Director Koo Jung-hoe said, “The hyungs are too big,” and “We were able to win, but it’s a waste” when the children gather together to evaluate the game. 

“The kids kept looking at the players of the opposing team and calling them hyungs, so I told them, ‘That team is all sophomores too. It was cute to see them seriously talk about it, and I thought that I should tell them a lot so that they can play basketball better. I saw them before they entered elementary school, so I just thought of them as ‘babies’, but yesterday I saw them play and I thought about it. Seeing how serious they were running, I immediately thought that I should teach them more seriously. I have been training twice a week. I will take more responsibility and work harder so that my children can grow well through basketball. 


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