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There are clubs that will never ‘come back’… Even the world’s best DF is ‘impossible’

Real Madrid is Spain’s best club and is regarded as the world’s best team.

Spain’s Primeira is the most winning team, as well as the most winning team in the UEFA Champions League (UCL). The team every football player dreams of. It is also a club that has many superstars.

Is that why? Is it because it is a club that all players want to go to?

Real Madrid has been particularly cold-hearted when it comes to parting. No matter how much he is a legend of the team, he was relentless in the face of parting. And once you leave Real Madrid, there’s an official formula that you can’t come back.

Even if a team’s legend transferred to another team, there were cases where they would return later. Representatively, Cristiano Ronaldo, who played a legendary role at Manchester United, returned to Manchester United, and Arsenal’s ‘King’ Thierry Henry also wore the Arsenal uniform again. Currently, Barcelona are desperately hoping for the return of legend Lionel Messi.

It’s rare to see something like this in Real Madrid. Ronaldo, Real Madrid’s top scorer, is said to have wanted to return to Real Madrid before joining Al Nasr. But he didn’t accept it.

In addition, Real Madrid legends such as Raul Gonzalez, who took the most appearances in Real Madrid with 741 matches, Iker Casillas, and Fernando Hierro did not return after leaving the team. Even Alfredo Di Stéfano, who is revered as the club’s greatest legend ever, also moved to Espanyol in 1964, where he retired from active play.

Rafael Varane (Man United), who grew up as the best player at Real Madrid and is now regarded as the world’s best defender, had a similar idea.

He joined Lens in France in 2010 before moving to Real Madrid in 2011. He spent 10 years at Real Madrid before moving to Manchester United in 2021. Baran is 29 years old. He is still showing off his best skills. He is praised as the world’s best defender in existence.

Baran predicted his last active club through the French ‘GQ’. That is, choosing his retirement club. There are a total of 3 teams that Baran has experienced. Of the two, Real Madrid was omitted.

“I will end my playing career with one of the three teams I have experienced with,” Varane said.

He confessed, “My active career will most likely end at Manchester United or Lens. Real Madrid is complicated. As everyone knows,스포츠토토 I rarely go back to Real Madrid from Real Madrid.”

In other words, the ‘impossible’ thing for the best defender in the world right now is a comeback to Real Madrid.


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