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“There were times when I hated you to death, but… ” Kim Jong-un could not turn a blind eye to his collapsing family

“There were times when I hated bamboo swords. Still, seeing the crumbling scene gives rise to feelings that cannot be expressed in words… .”

On the morning of the 20th, Bucheon Hana One Q announced that it had signed a contract with Kim Jong-un, who was subject to the second FA contract, for a two-year contract period and a total of 250 million won.카지노The ‘Queen of Bucheon’, who left her parents’ home for a while, is making a comeback.

Kim Jong-un was nominated by Shinsegae as the first overall pick in the 2006 WKBL New Player Selection Ceremony. He was already famous enough to attract media attention during his student-athlete days. Amidst the evaluation that she was a leader in women’s basketball, she made a splendid professional debut and actively lived up to expectations.

Kim Jong-un led the team as the lone ace of Shinsegae and Hana Exchange-KEB Hana Bank (now Hana One Q). However, after the end of the 2016-17 season, as the FA negotiations broke down, he eventually had to leave his beloved team.

Kim Jong-un transferred to Asan Woori Bank and stood at the top of WKBL. Woori Bank, which had already won the combined championship for five consecutive seasons, had no opponent as even a super ace named Kim Jong-un joined. And after winning the combined championship in the 2022-23 season, Kim Jong-un returned to his parents.

The following is a Q&A with Kim Jong-un.

Q. You must have had a lot of worries after becoming a FA.

I don’t know what to say first. I was really worried. He had a happy time at Woori Bank and was thinking of retiring here, so he thought free agency didn’t mean much. He even thought about retiring last season. Then, when the season ended and I became a free agent, it was very difficult when various offers came. Looking back at Woori Bank, I thought it was right for me to come out now. However, the risks and burdens of going to another team were not small. I wondered if I might end up miserable after transferring for no reason, or if I might miss out on the opportunity to retire in a stable way.

Q. I heard that there were offers from several teams. Even so, the last choice was Hana One Q, her parents’ home.

Woori Bank, Hana 1Q, and Shinhan Bank all made offers with undeserved conditions. I thought about it a lot, but in the end, the biggest merit was that I was a parent. Even when I left six years ago, I didn’t come out because I hated the team. I was a founding member of Hana 1 Q and it was a place where I spent my youth together. Of course, when I left the team and went to Woori Bank, I hated it to death (laughs). However, seeing a good player leave and collapse again gave me feelings that cannot be expressed in words. My heart ached. I thought the team couldn’t be like that. In the end, it was my family that made me move.

Q. You’ve had quite a few injuries lately, but you’re still showing great skills. It’s a little surprising that you thought about retiring.

Actually, I tried not to show it. After I had ankle surgery two years ago, I felt that I had fallen off a lot. I was upset. At the same time, I wondered when it would be the right time to retire. After winning the combined championship last season, it seemed cool to retire now. Woori Bank is still a strong team without me, so I thought it would be okay. Also, (Yang) Hee-jong’s interview moved me a lot. Woori Bank is also a team that eventually needs a generational change and young players must play. I could win even if I didn’t play, but I wondered if I was going to stay and take away the chances of younger players. At that time, Hui-jong’s older brother said, ‘It is more valuable when a young player plays for 20 minutes than I do for 20 minutes’. I couldn’t help but see it and empathize. Thanks to you, I was able to think of many things.

Q. What advice did your family and husband give you?

My family members, especially my younger brother, have achieved everything they want to achieve, so he advised me that it would be cool to retire comfortably at Woori Bank. I have a really special relationship with my younger brother, and he has been watching me play basketball ever since middle school. Maybe that’s why he wanted to retire comfortably in the current situation. My husband said he would respect any choice I made. Acquaintances around him said that he did not seem to be retiring yet.

Q. Hana 1Q is definitely a team that needs change and development. There seems to be a sense of responsibility to play an important role.

Looking at it calmly, even if I go to Hana 1 Q, I cannot continue to play for 3 to 40 minutes like before. I don’t know how much I can win. However, having been in women’s basketball for 18 years, I know that the role of veterans and seniors in the rebuilding process is really important. There is not much time left to play as an active player, but I think spending two years to help young players grow is definitely a worthwhile and honorable path. I also actively sympathized with the direction the director (Kim Do-wan) is pursuing. If they asked me for grades, I would have no confidence and a lot of pressure. However, the coach said that he wanted to lay the foundation for Hana 1 Q during the time given to him. Even if he leaves, he said that he would do everything in his power so that people would say that he made a good team. When I heard that, I felt that the direction was the same as mine. The sincerity of helping Hana 1Q to grow well came through.

Q. Hana 1 Q has changed a lot since 6 years ago. First of all, the accommodation is not Seoul, but Cheongna. It may seem very unfamiliar.

Anyway, I came to meet you today. it got so good I told Shinji (nickname Shin Ji-hyeon), “I just need to be good at basketball.” Unlike before, the front desk staff has also changed. The general manager and the director are all working hard to make Hana 1 Q a prestigious team again. First of all, the facilities are so good. One thing I’m worried about is that everyone is young… . There is no one in their 30s. I guess I should be called aunt, not sister. On the way home, I thought about how to get closer to my younger friends (laughs).

Q. A Hana One Q official said that Shin Ji-hyun was the most delighted after the news of Kim Jong-un’s transfer.

Shinji is a friend I’ve known since I was young, since I joined. Back then, we spent a lot of time rehabilitating together, and we got closer. Seeing this, I became a lot more courageous. After talking, it seemed that he was very worried about the team. But it’s also very silly. Quite a bit of time has passed since winning the championship, but I suddenly got a call saying congratulations. When I asked if I would contact her after a while, she said, “Sister, you won there, so please come back.” Those words broke my heart. Then I got another call with the same message. But he said he would like me to come, but he said he was worried because the pressure was heavy and the team’s performance was not good. Whether to come or not (laughs). Looking at his face after transferring, he said that he would do really well now. It seems now is the time to rely on Shinji.

Q. It’s not a simple return to your parent’s home. He revealed that Hana 1Q also has plans for a leadership course after retirement.

thank you so much Still, I was able to feel that I worked hard and diligently in my career as a player. It is a grateful thing to help a player who is nearing retirement to think about his next career.

Q. Currently, the Hana One Q team has started off-season training. Has the time of joining been decided?

I think I want to go in quickly. But there are too many things to do. I couldn’t do anything during the FA period. I plan to finish what I have to do and join in two weeks. I also need to say hello to Woori Bank players.

▲ A message from Kim Jong-un to Woori Bank

Kim Jong-un said at the end of the phone interview that there was something he wanted me to write. He said, “After the transfer, it is true that there are more worries than excitement. The reason the decision was difficult was because of the relationship with the Woori Bank family. My younger siblings followed me really well, and I was able to achieve a good career thanks to the trust of the manager (Sungwoo Wi) and coaches. I want to tell you that I was so grateful,” he said. “Actually, I wanted to tell the juniors of Woori Bank first. But the article went out a day earlier… . I wanted to contact you first, but instead, I became a receiving position. I may be disappointed, but I was able to endure it thanks to our juniors who respected my choice and said that I was cool and that they would support me. I want to say thank you very much.”


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