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“This is lunch”…the shocking meal provided at the Jamboree

* The text below may differ from the actual content of the broadcast, so please check the broadcast for more accurate information. Please specify [ YTN News Wide] when quoting . ◇Anchor >

Not only the weather, but poor hygiene and eating were also raised as problems. ◆Reporter> Yes, contestants complained one after another that they gave up using메이저사이트 the toilets or locker rooms due to poor sanitary conditions, or that they could not wash until dawn because there was no water. Poor diet is also a problem. This is a picture that a participant reported to YTN , saying that it was breakfast and lunch provided at yesterday’s Jamboree. Two bags of bread and snacks, and a can of sweet sake are all. In another photo, there are sausages and a can of soda on two bags of individual snacks like Choco Pie. Criticism comes out that it is only a snack, not a proper meal.

There was also a report from a crew member who pointed out the treatment conditions at the hospital inside the Jamboree Site. It is said that the crew members who complained of heat illness and the crew members who suffered burns did not receive proper treatment. Adults are also complaining of pain in a poor environment. The remaining 30-year-olds who participated in the Jamboree as volunteers said that from the first day of the opening ceremony, heat-related illnesses began to appear one after another, and the internal hospital could not accommodate them all. As you can see, patients said they had to lie down on a table in the reception area. In addition, it was said that medical personnel are suffering from a shortage of manpower and supplies. Listen to the informant directly.

[Jamboree Competition Adult Volunteer: After the opening ceremony, (thermal illness) patients rushed in, so there was no space for patients to lie down, so we used the reception space at the back of the hospital. I wonder how much I hadn’t prepared for this situation… .]

◆Reporter> At the same time, he added that it is an environment that is difficult even for an adult male in his 30s to endure, but how would teenagers feel?


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