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‘Throw the director, hit Pirella… ‘ Samsung hitters who forgot the night in the fine dust… desperate struggle to escape 6 consecutive losses

6 consecutive losses. Hitters turned their bats with the lights brightly lit on the ground on a night when the yellow dust did not go away.

The Samsung Lions lost 6 straight games in silence. With 2 wins and 7 losses, it stayed at the bottom of the tie with Hanwha.

Samsung lost 0-3 in the second game against SSG held at Lions Park in Daegu on the 12th. This is the second loss of the season since the 0-8 loss to NC in the opening game on the 1st. The number of hits was 8 to 6, more than SSG, but it was not effective. In the 1st and 4th innings, he lost important chances with two double strokes. No luck either. A well-hit ball went straight to the fielder. Opponent shortstop Park Seong-han and left fielder Heredia were blocked one after another.

As the losing streak extended amid the silence of the batting line, the players returned home early.

José Pirella, Koo Ja-wook, Lee Seong-kyu, and Kim Tae-goon, etc., showed up with bats in the Lions Park where the lights were not turned off.

It’s not just the players left. Head coach Park Jin-man threw the batting ball himself and rolled up his arm to enhance the players’ sense of hitting.

The day when extreme fine dust covered the whole country. The match between Doosan and Kiwoom in Jamsil, which was scheduled to be held on the same day, was canceled due to exceeding the fine dust standard (concentration of 300 μg/m3 or more lasting for 2 hours).

Daegu Lions Park was also not up to the cancellation standard, but was covered in fine dust around 150μg/m3 before and after the game. Samsung, which failed to break a losing streak, had no time to worry about fine dust.

The Samsung team’s batting average is 20.28, 9th after Hanwha (0.224). The team scored 25 points, ranking ninth after Kiwoom (23 points).

Pirella, who showed signs of an overall collective slump and seemed to come back to life with his first hit and home run after returning on the 11th after a collision injury, returned to silence mode one day later. On this day, Pirella could not save successive chances in the early stages. Starting second in left field, he destroyed his first opportunity with a double hit from first base without an out in the first inning. In the 3rd inning, the chance for 2nd out and 1st and 2nd bases also went away with a fly ball.

Crucially, in the 5th inning,안전놀이터 where the score was 0-1, with one out and bases loaded, he hurriedly attacked the first pitch and withdrew due to a foul fly by the third baseman, failing to tie the game.

A nighttime special hit in fine dust by the coach and key hitters. It was a scene where we could get a glimpse of Samsung’s will to escape from six consecutive losses.

What will this desperation lead to? Like wildfires in the spring that spread uncontrollably the longer they last, it is the swamp of losing streak that is difficult to control. Because there is an unforgettable pain that Samsung experienced last year, there is no choice but to hurry up and evolve early before it spreads further.


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