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“Time to say goodbye to the wizard” Goodbye Lee Kang-in official… What’s the next team?

For Lee Kang-in, parting is a new meeting. As soon as Mallorca said ‘goodbye’, European clubs started to openly compete for Lee Kang-in.

This is reporter Choi Jong-hyeok.


From Lee Kang-in with a humorous expression to Lee Kang-in with a mischievous prank…

Recently, the video released every day by Mallorca seems to contain a farewell message, but from the mouth of the general manager, Lee Kang-in’s transfer fee came up with a plan to reinforce the player the coach wants, and the transfer became a fait accompli.

Now we have to say goodbye to Mallorca’s greatest talent, the wizard.

[Spanish ‘Football des de Mallorca’: Now we have to say goodbye to the wizard with the most talent among Mallorca players.] Lee Kang-in, who

joined Mallorca in August 2021, went through an adaptation period and scored 7 goals and 9 assists in La Liga. He stood tall and was praised as “Mallorca’s greatest player in the past 10 years”, and there is no player with a higher dribbling success rate than Lee Kang-in in the European big leagues.

Love calls are pouring in towards Lee Kang-in, who works magic on the ground with creative dribbling.

Atlético is said to have offered a condition to lease prospect Riquelme along with 21.2 billion won, about half of Lee Kang-in’s buyout set by Mallorca.먹튀검증

It’s so sincere, but it seems that a fight will unfold with Man Utd, Aston Villa, and AC Milan.

Mallorca’s final opponent on the 5th will be Vallecano, where Lee Kang-in scored his first goal this season.

Fans are looking forward to whether Lee Kang-in will leave the last gift as he can win the TOP 10 title by catching 10th place Vallecano by 2 points.


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