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Tottenham decided to sign Kulusevski… 42 billion won transfer fee

Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League decided to continue with Dejan Kulusevski, the ‘lucky man’. The decision went to Kulusevski.

The British London media Evening Standard reported on the 30th (Korean time) that “Tottenham have decided to fully recruit Kulusevski this summer,” but “However, Kulusevski has not decided on his future.”

Kulusevski, who left Juventus in January last year and wore Tottenham’s uniform on an 18-month loan, will expire at the end of this season.

The lease agreement between Tottenham and Juventus included an option to turn his lease into a full transfer. The first is an optional signing clause paying £26 million, and the second is a mandatory signing clause paying £30 million if Tottenham advances to the UEFA Champions League. However, as Tottenham finished in 8th place in the Premier League, the second provision was non-existent.

British media predicted that it was likely that Tottenham would completely recruit Kulusevski, but the situation changed with the change of manager. Head coach Antonio Conte, who used Kulusevski as a key player, was sacked, and sports director Fabio Paratici, who brought Kulusevski on loan, also left the team. Acting manager Ryan Mason said he was “not sure” when asked if Kulusevski would join the upcoming (pre-season) cup competition.

“I love the club, but I have to talk to the club. I need to know what they think and what the future holds,” Kulusevski said in an interview after his last Premier League match against Leeds United on the 29th.

Kulusevski, who wore a Tottenham uniform in the winter transfer market in January of last year, established himself as a ‘special helper’ helping Son Heung-min and Harry Kane, and made a big success with 5 goals and 8 assists in 18 games.

He has 2 goals and 8 assists in 36 games this season. Although less influential than his last season, he still comes into the game as a solid starter. He started 22 of 29 Premier League matches.

This season, due to suffering from large and small injuries, his record fell from last season with 2 goals and 7 assists in 30 games, but he is ahead of Richarlison in the competition for the starting position.

“It was a disappointing season, but I have no regrets. I gave my all. There was a month that I struggled, but of course there is no player who doesn’t fight. I wanted to make that time as short as possible, so I have to get better. This is Kane It’s something I always do and that’s why it’s impressive. No matter what the team does, I always score.”

“I can look at not participating in European competitions from many perspectives, but one of them is that I can only focus on the Premier League next year. It’s much harder if there are too many competitions. I’ve had teams that go to Europe and teams that don’t. “The outgoing team was a lot more tired, so I think we can have a little bit of an edge in the Premier League.”안전놀이터

Tottenham began reorganizing the squad for next season under the leadership of chairman Daniel Levy, while looking for a replacement for coach Conte and director Paratic. Lucas Moura leaves the club and Arnaud Danzuma returns to Villarreal on loan. Hugo Lloris and Ivan Pericis are also raising the possibility of parting ways with Tottenham.


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