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‘Trade market’s biggest word’ Ohtani’s destination, the team that fits the most perfectly is the Dodgers… analysis

 Will Los Angeles Angels Shohei Ohtani (29) really be traded? 

On the 19th (hereinafter Korean time), Ohtani started as the designated hitter twice in the game against the New York Yankees held at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, USA, and recorded 1 hit, 1 RBI, 1 run and 1 walk in 3 at-bats. The Angels won 5-1 and went on a two-game winning streak. 

Ohtani, who is recording 7 wins and 5 losses with a 3.50 ERA in 18 games (105⅓ innings) as a hitter and pitcher this season, is likely to win the second MVP award in his personal career following the unanimous decision to win the American League MVP in 2021. FA qualification after the season ends Ohtani, which obtains , is already emerging as the biggest word in the trade market. As the Angels’ chances of advancing to the postseason become increasingly slim, expectations that the Angels will trade are gaining momentum., the official major league media outlet, said, “There are a lot of trade rumors surrounding Ohtani, who is about to go free agency. Obviously메이저사이트, Ohtani will make a strong impact on any team. But which team will he have the biggest impact on? We asked 10 reporters to choose the ideal destination for Ohtani in this trade market without considering the potential trade cost.” reporters predicted that most teams currently in the postseason would sign Ohtani. Not only big market clubs such as the Dodgers, Yankees, San Francisco, Texas, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, but also small market teams that performed well this season, such as Tampa Bay, Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Seattle, were also mentioned. 

Among them, reporter Mike Petriello analyzed that the Dodgers are the perfect team to recruit Ohtani for four reasons. Reporter Petriello predicted Ohtani’s transfer to the Dodgers, saying, “It would be fun to see Ohtani in a Tampa Bay or Cincinnati uniform, but there is only one answer.” 

The Dodgers are in first place in the National League West with a record of 55 wins and 39 losses this season. The Dodgers, which have succeeded in advancing to the postseason for 10 consecutive years since 2013, are a strong team that is financially solid and consistently maintains a strong team power.

“The Dodgers are really, really a team that can use their aces and top hitters for the postseason,” Petriello said. It’s also a team that’s almost certain to try Ohtani this winter. And Ohtani is a team that would agree to a trade. (Ohtani has no right to veto a trade, but the Angels seem to have a hard time ending their relationship by sending him to a team Ohtani doesn’t want.) Lastly, the Dodgers are a team with prospects that really deserve Ohtani’s trade.” I heard 4 reasons to come to . 

“The Dodgers currently have the second most victories in the National League despite Julio Urias and three rookies in the starting rotation, Clayton Kershaw’s shoulder problem, and other problems,” said Petriello. Unlike most teams, the Dodgers can see letting go of a prospect as an investment in a potential future. If Ohtani comes, we will have to secure the position of JD Martinez, who is currently playing as a designated hitter, but that will not prevent us from recruiting Ohtani.” 

Nine other reporters also predicted Ohtani’s destination for reasons of their own. Until the trade deadline set for August 2nd, Ohtani will remain one of the most watched names in the trade market. 


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