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Was it worth 1% to 1 million dollars?’ Annie Romero, who couldn’t even play a game, and Birch Smith, who faced only 12 batters, are counting down to leave. Who else?

I just played 15 games. He barely made a start at the level of 10% of all 144 games. But there are already rumors of an exit. Even if you just throw hundreds of thousands of dollars in the air, if it doesn’t help, it’s better to find a replacement as soon as possible. It is the story of the new foreigners.

All foreigners who are being talked about for one reason or another are new foreigners who entered the KBO league this season. In any case, it is worth saying that aged soy sauce is better.

Excluding Raul Alcantara (Doosan Bears) and Edison Russell (Kiwoom Heroes), who made their debut this season, there are 10 pitchers and 5 batters.

Among them, there are five outsiders who are unable to participate in the game due to injury. There are 4 pitchers and 1 hitter.

There are three new pitchers who have started the season but have not pitched at all.

After complaining of shoulder pain in the 3rd inning against Samsung during a spring camp practice match in Okinawa, Japan, she was beaten. After only playing two demonstration games with Annie Romero (SSG Landers), who is rehabilitating in the US, she left due to herniated disc symptoms. They are Han Taylor Widener (NC Dinos) and Dylan Pyle (Doosan Bears), who suffered a dizzying injury from being hit in the head by a batted ball during the spring camp in Australia.

Here, Birch Smith (Hanwha Eagles) started the opening game against Kiwoom on April 1st, but voluntarily gave up in the third inning due to shoulder pain, and batter Jason Martin (NC) played only four games and suffered an oblique muscle on the 6th. He was withdrawn from the 1st team due to an injury.

Of these, Widener and Dylan are not yet fully recovered, but they are positive. Cross-examination at the two hospitals did not reveal any abnormalities.

Still, I am cautious. It is a process of concentrating on reinforcement training and gradually adding technical training. There are many steps to go through. As the number of pitches is gradually increased, bullpen pitching should be handled normally, and actual pitching should be tested in the Futures League. Anyway, if the injury recovers and normal pitching is achieved, there is still a chance to remain. Of course, there is a prerequisite that you have to meet the expectations without further injury.

However, it is known that Romero and Sumi are not making progress. Romero is undergoing rehabilitation in the United States, not in Korea, but there is no news that she has improved. Even SSG coach Kim Won-hyung officially mentioned ‘substitution review’.

Smith is also in the process of being replaced. Regarding Smith’s physical condition, Hanwha coach Carlos Subero said, “It is said that it has improved, but there is no noticeable progress. smelled He has no choice but to be replaced eventually.

On top of that, Hanwha is in a state of double trouble as Brian O’Grady, a new foreign hitter, struck out as many as 25 times in 13 games and made a series of missed swings in decisive scoring opportunities. At least, it was brilliant in the beginning, but he struck out in all 4 at-bats against Doosan in Daejeon on the 18th. It often happens that the pulse of Hanwha’s batting line is cut off at O’Grady.

In addition, Martin, the batter, is improving enough to be able to run, but he has not yet been trained to bat. He struggles with batting drills, which require a lot of twisting and lower back work. It is also unknown when he will be able to return.

NC rose to first place alone for the first time in the season by beating the LG Twins on the 18th despite the absence of Widener and Martin. In order to add more momentum to this, it is essential to add outsiders to Tuta. He may not be revealing it outwardly, but he may have an alternative outsider in mind.

Coincidentally,바카라사이트Romerona Smith, who publicly mentioned her exit, receives the full amount of $1 million, the highest amount for a non-God. The same goes for Martin, the hitter. Of course, excluding options, $100,000 to $200,000 is reduced from $1 million, but at least $800,000 to $900,000 is blown into the air.

Are they the only ones? Like a slang term, ‘candies in a row’, outsiders may come out one after another. Still, it is better to find a replacement outsider as soon as possible if you want to leave. It’s a waste of money, but the impact on the team is limited thanks to the early stages of the season.


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