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Weather, Baseball, and Lotte

On the 3rd, professional baseball Gwangju Lotte-KIA match. Lotte faced the second half of the game amid a trend that made it difficult to challenge for 10 consecutive wins. He scored 1 point in the top of the 7th inning and chased 2-6, but was still 4 points behind. It was not an easy interval to catch up with two attack opportunities.

However, the card that Lotte put on the mound at the end of the 7th was a bit ‘unexpected’. Since the opening, left-hander Kim Jin-wook, who has shown the most stable performance as a middleman, was put forward. Kim Jin-wook had thrown 12.2 innings in 11 games of the season before the game on this day, and was playing an active role with 4 hits and no runs. It was a situation where the success signal was turned on by switching to the bullpen for the new season, and although it was not classified as a ‘victory group’, it was no different than having already established itself as a winning card by winning 2 wins and 3 holds.

It was a Wednesday game with a long way to go to complete the week’s schedule. A card that seems like a waste to bet on a losing game. Moreover, Kim Jin-wook had pitched one inning the day before.

What anyone thinks of while watching the game is ‘weather’. From the next day, rain was forecast across the country. In the southern regions, the expected precipitation was higher.

But even the National Weather Service’s supercomputers sometimes make mistakes. Weather is still the realm of the sky. ‘What if it doesn’t rain, but what if?’ With both teams scheduled to play the next day, it was time for both Lotte and KIA officials to look at the weather forecast again.

Whether Lotte was conscious of the weather forecast or not, as a result, there was no need to recall putting Kim Jin-wook on the mound. The next day, it rained as predicted, and the rain continued throughout the weekend across the country. Lotte started a new week’s race after a five-day break, no less than the ‘All-Star Break’.메이저사이트

Weather moves life. Baseball, a sport that is played every day, is also moving. LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, who had a tight game after the opening and the danger signal of bullpen overload was turned on, played against Doosan in Jamsil on the 7th and said, “It rained and I didn’t play for three days, so it’s time for the pitching staff to recover and reorganize.” told

Come to think of it, Lotte is having a lot of canceled games due to rain in the beginning. As of the 8th, only 24 games were played, which is 6 fewer games than SSG and Kiwoom (more than 30 games), who played the most games.

For Lotte, it seems that they used the weather exquisitely, and with the help of the weather, they pulled out a multiplier beyond the basic indicators. It is also the background that the entire pitching staff did not consume much stamina even while two foreign pitchers, who were responsible for a large part of the game innings and had to protect various pitching indicators, struggled side by side. Pitching coach Bae Young-soo also said at this point, “I paid a lot of attention to pitching in between games to catch and games to catch.”

At the end of the season, having to digest the delayed game is something to be prepared for. However, the proper number of games at the beginning of the season, when there was a hole in the pitcher’s resources due to injuries and sluggishness, was clearly a ‘benefit’ for Lotte. Since the opening, the team’s ERA is 10th (4.96), but over the last 10 games, Lotte Hill, which has 2nd (3.20) average ERA, is also on the rise, and the pitching staff has more to do better than worse.


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