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What if you play fall baseball now? Only Bae Ji-hwan laughs, the terrain brought by the ‘four walls’ AL East published an interesting article on the 24th (hereinafter Korean time).

The title is ‘Which teams would go up if the playoffs started today’. It may not mean much since it is about 30% of the schedule, but it can be helpful in predicting the future.

Since last year, the Major League Playoffs have been expanded to a total of 12 teams, 6 teams from each league. The first team in each district and three wild card teams in order of odds will go up.

Based on the results on the 24th, in the American League (AL), the Tampa Bay Rays (35-15), which ranked first in the East, and the Texas Rangers (30-18), which ranked first in the West, did not go through the Wild Card Series (WCS) and went through the Division Series (DS) go straight to The Minnesota Twins (25-24), the Baltimore Orioles (31-17), the New York Yankees (30-20), and the Houston Astros (28-20) are advancing to the Wild Card Series.

The winner of the WCS Minnesota-Houston match will meet with Texas, and the winner of the Baltimore-Yankees match with Tampa Bay at DS.

In the National League (NL), the Atlanta Braves (29-19), ranked first in the East, and the LA Dodgers (31-19), ranked first in the West, go directly to the DS, and the Milwaukee Brewers (26-22), ranked No. 1 in the Central, and the Arizona Diamondbacks (29-20), Pittsburgh Pirates (25-23), and New York Mets (25-24) will go to WCS.

As with the AL, the winner of the WCS Arizona-Pittsburgh match will face the Dodgers, and the winner of the Milwaukee-Mets match against Atlanta in DS, respectively.

Among Korean players, only Pittsburgh’s Bae Ji-hwan will step on the fall baseball stage. Ryu Hyun-jin’s Toronto Blue Jays and Kim Ha-sung’s San Diego Padres cannot advance to the playoffs as of today. Pittsburgh deserves to be thrilled with their playoff hopes after 8 years since 2015.

Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani’s team, the Los Angeles Angels, finished 3rd in the AL West and 4th in the WC.

I wonder if Ohtani is the most unfair and unfortunate. Anyway, the Angels did well with a win rate of 50% and +4 games as of this day, but it is because they are eliminated by one rank difference not only in winning the Western District, where strong players flocked, but also in the highly competitive WC race.

Ohtani, who has been using the “Legend” as a two-time pitcher for three years, will not be able to get his long-cherished chance to win again this summer unless he moves the team through a trade this summer. After this season, he will become a free agent and will have no choice but to leave the Angels.

Noteworthy is the AL Eastern District. All five teams have a win rate of over 50%. Toronto and Boston Red Sox are tied for fourth place with 26 wins and 23 losses. It has a higher win rate than Minnesota, which ranks first in the central region. I might have to blame for meeting the wrong Earth.

The AL East is called the ‘Group of Death’. The total score of the 5 teams is 148-98, with a win rate of 0.602. It’s a higher win rate than most places in the district. These five teams combined for 105 wins and 55 losses (0.656) in the remaining 160 games, excluding matches with teams from the same district. They posted 41 wins and 14 losses in the AL Central Division and 27 wins and 18 losses in the West Division, and are overwhelming with a total of 37 wins and 23 losses (0.617) in the interleague with NL teams.

Starting this year,메이저사이트 the major leagues introduced a balanced schedule against teams from both leagues. In other words, the number of interleague games per team has increased significantly from 16 to 46. The area that benefits the most from this schedule is the AL East Division. These five teams have the power to advance to the playoffs with anyone. However, in this season, when the polarization of power has become more severe, it will be said that the ‘regret’ is great from the point of view of the eliminated team.

On the other hand, the combined record of the 5 teams in the AL Central Division is only 102-141 (0.420). Future district adjustments or a review of the balanced schedule may be forthcoming.


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