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“Why don’t you do it with me?” Woman in her 30s stabbed her boyfriend who refused to have sex with a broken beer bottle

A woman in her 30s who hit her boyfriend in anger when she tried to have sex at a karaoke room but was rejected was sentenced to prison.

On the 21st, the 15th Criminal Division of the Incheon District Court메이저사이트 (Judge Ryu Ho-joong) announced that it had sentenced Mr. A to one year in prison for charges of special injury, injury, obstruction of business, and damage to property.

Mr. A is accused of hitting her boyfriend, Mr. B, in his 40s, on the face and back with his hands at a karaoke room in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on May 4 last year at around 9:00 pm.

As a result, Mr. B was found to have suffered an injury that required three weeks of treatment, such as perforation of the eardrum.

Mr. A did not stop there, and while going to the exit of the karaoke room, he was also accused of inflicting injuries that required two weeks of treatment by slashing Mr. B’s face with a fragment of a broken beer bottle near the counter.

He was also charged with breaking beer bottles and glasses at a karaoke room, destroying property such as a sofa, and disturbing work by causing a disturbance for about 10 minutes.

It was investigated that Mr. A committed the crime because he was angry with Mr. B for not giving him sex in a karaoke room.

The judge said, “The circumstances and method of the crime were not good, and in the case of the victim, the face was stabbed and the head artery was severed, so a fatal risk could have occurred even if the relief measures were slightly delayed.” We tried to recover the damage caused by the accident, and we considered the agreement with the karaoke owner,” he said.


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