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“You, become my colleague!”… ‘One Piece’ in live action on Netflix

“The legendary marine adventure series is coming to Netflix.”

◆ Netflix: One Piece The Netflix series ‘One Piece’ is about Monkey D

, a boy who gains special powers after eating a devil fruit . This is the story of Luffy embarking on a dangerous journey to find the legendary treasure ‘One Piece’. Luffy, who sets out to sea with the ambition to become the pirate king, forms the ‘Straw Hat Pirates’ with Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji, who are self-indulgent but each have outstanding abilities, and travel the vast sea, building friendships and embarking on a grand journey. Eiichiro Oda, whose original ‘One Piece’ recorded the highest-selling volume in Japanese comics history, participated as an executive producer. ◆ Netflix: Is this love the best? A fresh romantic comedy is coming that lets viewers choose the ending. ‘Is this love the best?’ is a Netflix movie that depicts the story of Cami, who seems to have everything, as she struggles between the various choices in her life and three men. It is an interactive content where viewers decide their own fate. Although she has achieved her dream of becoming a recording engineer and has her wonderful boyfriend Paul by her side, Cami feels empty. Her first love, Jack, whom she missed during her childhood, and sexy British rock star Rex appear before her. Cami loves the friendly Paul, but she thinks about Jack all day and is also attracted to Rex. Who should she choose?

◆ Watcha: Co-operation 2-International

The movie ‘Co-operation 2-International’ is about North Korean detective Lim Cheol-ryeong (Hyun Bin) and South Korean detective Kang Jin-tae (Yu Hae-jin), who meet again to catch a global criminal organization, and even foreign FBI agent Jack (Daniel Henney ) . It depicts an illegal triangular cooperation investigation. After the first unofficial joint investigation between North and South Korea, Cheol-ryeong returned to South Korea with a new mission, Jin-tae, who volunteered to cooperate with Cheol-ryeong for the second time in order to return to Gwangsu University, and Jin-tae’s sister-in-law Min-yeong (Yoona) boast perfect chemistry. Jack, a new face from the United States, clashed with Cheol-ryeong throughout, but also continued the love triangle with Min-young, making it a turning point in the second episode, adding freshness.

◆ Watcha: You can also watch

the popular BL drama ‘Ttarabaram’, which is based on the webtoon of the same name, on Watcha. ‘Dattabaram’ is a youth music romance about Baram (Jang Do-yoon), who is used to hiding his feelings due to the scars of his first love, and Han-tae (Son Hyun-woo), a strong supporter who wants to know everything about Baram, growing between love and friendship. This work was directed by So Joon-moon, the director of the movie ‘Shining Moments’, which was well-received for its sensuous visual beauty. The OST stands out with its emotional melody and sincere lyrics . The full episode will be released on Watcha on September 1st.

◆ Wave: The Calling

Wave presents Peacock’s original 8-episode drama ‘The Calling’ for the first time. ‘The Calling’, adapted from a novel published in 2011, is an investigative drama about the struggles of Abraham, a detective with an innate investigative sense, to uncover the truth about a missing child case in Brooklyn. Confusion increases with each episode, including bombing threats and new disappearances, and tension builds. It also shows an interesting development in which the ending is difficult to predict, focusing on the main character whose internal conflict deepens as the investigation continues. Don’t miss out on this well-made crime drama that is solid from script to production.

◆ Wave: Pitch Perfect – Bumper in Berlin

The a cappella comedy film ‘Pitch Perfect’, which was loved메이저사이트 by audiences for its exciting music and strong friendship, was turned into a drama. The main character is ‘Bumper Allen’, the leader of the a cappella group ‘Treblemakers’. He was once a successful member of a college a cappella group, but now, without a proper job and only holding on to his dream, he suddenly becomes a TikTok star in Germany. Bumper heads to Berlin to seize the opportunity of a lifetime, and events unfold. Adam Devine, who played the role of Bumper in the original, continued the character and further expanded the world of the movie.

◆ Disney+: NCT 127-The Lost Boys’ ‘ NCT 127-The Lost Boys’, which

was first released on August 30th, is a new genre called neo-essay that tells honest stories about the childhood of NCT 127 members as well as a story unfolding through animation. It captures a unique visual. Episodes 1 and 2, which were released first, will feature Mark, Haechan, Taeil, and Yuta, and episodes 3 and 4, which will be released next week, will sequentially feature Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Johnny, and Taeyong. In particular, a total of 7 animators, including ‘Spider-Man: New Universe’ animator Jin-ah Yoon, participated in this work, raising expectations. ◆ Disney+: Justified – Primitive City The ‘Justified’ series, which provided enjoyment with its identity as a ‘modern western’ set in Harlan, one of the cities in Kentucky, USA, has now moved to Detroit and ‘Justified: ‘Primitive City’ is back with fans. This series was rebooted eight years after Season 6 was released in 2015. It recorded a Rotten Tomatoes freshness index of 92%, raising expectations for another hit. What is most noteworthy in this work is the sharp confrontation that will unfold in earnest as the main character, Raylan Gibbons, who has been sent to Detroit, chases down the sociopath Mensel, who is absolute evil. Feel the tension that makes your hands sweat.

◆ TVING: Star Trek – Lower Dex Season 1-3 The animation series ‘Star Trek – Lower Dex’ of the science fiction

drama ‘Star Trek’ , which boasts a 57-year history, was released exclusively through TVING’s ‘Paramount+ Brand Hall’. ‘Star Trek’ has established itself as a content loved around the world since it was first released in 1966. ‘Star Trek – Lower Dex’ is the second animation of ‘Star Trek’, and is raising expectations by containing new content that is different from the story of the special ship and crew featured in the previous work. The story centers on the low-ranking crew members working on the Cerritos, Starfleet’s least important spaceship in the year 2380. The mysterious incidents and accidents they encounter in space, as well as the unpredictable daily lives that occur while carrying out their missions, provide unique fun. ◆ TVING: Dream Palace The movie ‘Dream Palace’ is a movie depicting the struggle of two women to protect the apartment they bought for their husbands’ lives. It is based on a true story that caused an uproar in Korea due to the unsold apartment complex in the metropolitan area in 2010. The story revolves around the successive misfortunes suffered by Hye-jeong (Kim Seon-young), who lost her husband in an industrial accident and moved into the ‘Dream Palace’ apartment with the compensation money. It provides an in-depth look at industrial accidents, problems of bereaved families, residents’ conflicts, and complex human emotions. The passionate performance of Kim Sun-young, who won the Best Actress Award at the 20th Asian Film Festival for ‘Dream Palace’, and Lee Yun-ji, who attempted a unique transformation,


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