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You have to wait at least 4 years to taste it? World’s hardest-to-book restaurants

There is a restaurant where you have to wait four years to taste a piece of beef on a Sunday. The Bank Tavern in Bristol, England, has been voted the메이저사이트 most difficult restaurant in the world to book.

Recently, the New York Post introduced a list of the world’s most difficult restaurants to book, according to online card payment company Dojo .

The most famous dish at ‘The Bank Tavern’, the most difficult restaurant in the world to make a reservation for, is roast beef. Roast beef is an English beef dish that means aged and grilled beef. In England, there is a tradition of eating this food mainly on Sundays.

The Bank Tavern aged beef for 30 days to make roast beef full of care. The Bank’s Tavern Roast Beef rose to prominence when it was named ‘Best Sunday Lunch’ at the 2018 Bristol Good Food Awards .

Here, you have to wait at least four years to eat a three-course meal including roast beef on a Sunday. Currently, the Sunday reservation window is closed. It is not difficult to make a reservation for other days of the week except Sunday. A roast beef course meal is about 32 dollars (about 40,000 won).Second place went to Damon Baehrel ‘s restaurant in Alton, New York. The restaurant currently has a year-long waiting list for reservations. Damon Barrel is a naturalist restaurant named after himself by the chef of the same name with 30 years of experience. From unusual ingredients such as tree sap to tableware such as log bowls, natural materials are used. The naturalism course meal costs 485 dollars (about 630,000 won) per person.’ La Mesita de Almanza ‘ in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, and ‘ Mesa 1’ in Punta de Mita, Mexico tied for third place. You have to wait at least six months to dine at both restaurants.The most popular dishes at La Messita de Almanza are the Chilean king crab and steamed sea bass. This place is famous for its wonderful view as you can look down on the sea while dining. Mesa 1 Restaurant serves traditional Mexican cuisine. Mesa 1 is a restaurant where you can dine while enjoying the view on an artificial island in the middle of the lake.In fifth place was Disfrutar from Barcelona, ​​Spain . Disfruita is a high-end restaurant that sells Mediterranean-style seafood dishes. Dispruta was awarded two stars in the 2018 Michelin Guide. In 2023, it was ranked second in ‘ The World ‘s 50 Best Restaurants ‘, which is selected annually by British media William Reed. If you book Dispruta now, you can dine at least five months later.


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